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Digital Marketing


Product Summery

Digital Marketing discusses about modern marketing methods both online and offline. It speaks about the importance of digital marketing platforms. Through different chapters, the author gives a clear picture of modern marketing techniques such as Facebook Marketing, WhatsApp Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Visual Marketing, Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Pay-Per-Click marketing, Social Media Marketing, Customer Data Platform, etc. The book also speaks about App-based marketing, In-game mobile marketing, display advertising, Web banner advertising, frame ad (traditional banner), Pop-ups/pop-unders, Floating ad, Expanding ad, Trick banners, News Feed Ads, Display advertising process, Text ads, Search engine marketing, Search engine optimization, Sponsored search, Social media marketing, cost per mille (CPM), cost per click (CPC), cost per engagement (CPE), cost per view (CPV), cost per install (CPI).The book is designed to make Digital Marketing simple and convenient to all. This is an inclusive work that provides essential approaches and key concepts of digital marketing. It outlines the modern marketing framework through online and offline platforms. It also explains how to attract consumers by interacting with clients through their cell phone, exciting their imagination and experience with digital display by social media platforms and develop their mind by SEO search and by intriguing them with email marketing that speak to their particular interest.